What is bne.social?

The Brisbane Social is an Australian Mastodon server. Hosted in sunny Brisbane, Australia, for users from and interested in southeast Queensland.

Home to 141 users
Who authored 4,239 statuses
Connected to 1,405 other instances

This site is intended to be a pleasant space for folks in Australia to enjoy Mastodon. This instance is run out of Brisbane, Australia to allow faster access for locals, but users from other areas in the country are welcome to join.

Instance rules

The rules of this server are:

  • Be respectful of your peers
  • Abide by local and international laws
  • Have fun

If you have concerns about a person's conduct, please report the toot in question or get in touch with @ashkyd.

Blocked instances

As with other servers, we have blocked a number of instances that don't meet our standards for a number of reasons. At this time, we are keeping in step with the toot.cafe blocklist.

If this is something that concerns you, please feel free to sign up for another instance.

Copyright & Attribution

The background image of Streets Beach is provided by user Foundationexpo88

Get started!

Get started by signing up or logging in, then toot using the #introduction hashtag to say hi!