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Our week of iso at home has coincided with:

- Entryway getting repainted
- Coldest week of the year, yet

If it was going to happen, this was a good week for it to happen.

Another big day today. Our site team merged the rails7 branch to main and pushed it to production 🎉

COVID, isolating at home 

My youngest tested positive on Saturday. I tested positive on Sunday. There’s no social distancing happening at home. Wife and eldest continue to test negative and have no symptons 🤷

Big day for out native apps team. They’re pushing out rewrites of our iOS and Android apps based on Turbo using phased releases.

@samc Ahhh, fair enough.

Yes, I guess you could say it auto-archives after replying. Probably what’s missing is the wider context of Hey works in general.

There is no real concept of archiving. Emails come in, you read them, and they’re read. Once they’re all read you have achieved “inbox zero”.

So what about emails you need to action? When you read an email you can “Set side”, “Reply later” or “Bubble”. Focus & reply is everything in the reply later stack.

Focus & Reply in Hey is one of my favourite features.

I queue up emails over the course of the day and then reply them all in one hit.

I know this flow can be achieved with folders and flags in a traditional client, but there’s less friction in Hey. Type, send, next. Type, send, next. No changing windows. No changing focus.

Have been evaluating for doing server-side analytics of our product. The query builders and the visualisations are polished and fast. I’m impressed and could see me using this.

The only showstopper I’ve encountered for our use case is there’s no way to “AND” events together. You can only “OR” them.

I want to derive “Did the thing” from combining page views like “GET /foos?option=1 200” AND “POST /bars 201”.

Everyone at work has been saying good things about as as lighter alternative to Docker Desktop for Mac. Going to give it a try.

COVID, kids 

Now I’ve tested positive 😬

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residents may soon be able to ditch their Go Cards with smartphone, bank card trial expanded”.

This will be super convenient, but to keep it accessible, I presume the GoCard will still be an option?

COVID, kids 

Uh oh. My youngest has tested positive. Probably picked it up at kindy. He was fine yesterday, but feverish and vomiting today.

“Kagi search and Orion browser enter public beta”

It’s a paid search engine with no ads and no tracking for $10/m. I’ve been in the closed beta for a few months after using DuckDuckGo as my daily driver for years.

Will I stay and pay? I don’t know yet. I’ve noticed “spammy” sites are less likely to get surfaced. I’ve rarely reached for “lenses”, but that’s probably more based on what I’ve been searching for than the feature itself.

Turns out I took both sets of keys with me to the office today 😬

auspol, speaker 

“Independent Andrew Wilkie prepared to discuss Speaker role in new Labor government”

I’d be disappointed if Labor didn’t give the speakership to Wilkie, even if they technically don’t have to.

Jac and @brad wired up into our on app so now we automatically get an index of all our ViewComponents with previews 👏

I just exploded drinking chocolate powder all over me. That’s what I get for trying to have a cheeky hot chocolate.

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