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An : I'm a dev from Brisbane, Australia. I run for Brissie folks & friends, join us!

πŸ“Ή I loove / / editing. Check out my Youtube at Send me yours!

🚡 Also interested in , , & my CD collection (what's your fav album?)

Otherwise I love this part of the world & you'll probably find a lot of photos of moments I find beautiful around here. PS: πŸ’― gay 🌈 πŸ¦„

I've migrated to @tatey.

The point of is to have thousands of instances federate together.

I've been on since I first joined because it's the default, but I've found a new home at thanks to @ash and @phocks.

I'm looking forward to making sense of the local timeline.

Hey! This is my πŸ‘‹

I've lived in most my life. I'm a husband and dad to two kids. I used to play tricks on them, but these days they play tricks on me.

I'm the CTO at The Lookout Way where we make a care management platform for Aged Care and NDIS service providers, workers, and families.

I make my own software too:,, and

I was previously

I wanted to download a copy of my tweets before I deleted them all from my Twitter account.

I remember trying out the feature ages ago and it worked as described.

I tried to do it now and I have to provide Government ID? I get attacks against accounts are a thing, but this is too heavy for my situation.

A community primarily intended for (but not limited to) residents and friends of Brisbane, South-east Queensland, and the region.