“Optus Under $1 Million Extortion Threat in Data Breach”

Apparently the result of enumerating an unauthenticated API. Far out.


Listening to a song and thinking “Wow, this is a great song” and then I go to “like” it, and realised I already have.

@ash Hey, are you running VMs at home? Are you running them on their own box or a Synology NAS?

Our joinmastodon.org website has been redesigned from the ground up--it looks nicer and explains better!


Bushfire smoke in the U.S. is unraveling decades of air quality gains (specifically PM2.5) news.stanford.edu/2022/09/22/w I imagine the findings would be similar in Australia - or will be when El Niño returns.

@ash I feel like I’ve seen something, but I can’t remember where it was so not very helpful. I don’t think it went straight into DOSBox though, it was more about booting up an old OS.

@ash Ahhh no, I can’t unsee that now! It’s suppose to “Yeah, you’re awesome!”

Normally I’d boost/react to posts with 🙏 to mean thank you, but lately I’ve been using 💪 to be more positive/empowering.

Actually I need a new UPS too. What’s a decent Linux friendly UPS? In-line is fine, just want to survive power flickering on and off.

Oh, no. My HP thin client died. Good bye pfSense.

I wear prescription glasses and I got new lenses put in my old, favourite fames 🤓😊

@ash The one that throws me is West End, Brisbane versus West End, Townsville.

@ash There’s another one at Mount Tamborine too.

swift cross-compilation fails in mysterious ways

99% is related to Package.swift using "os(X)" where X is a source platform, not destination.

All I want for Christmas is to set X for "# if is(X)" as a parameter. @dgregor79@twitter.com what are my chances?

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