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Leeks were cheap and we had plenty of oldish potatoes so I made leek and potato soup with mushrooms and croutons.

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The way Fantastical lets you show a different time zone on the right hand side of the window is a delightful touch when you’re scheduling across time zones.

“Brisbane flood review labels event 'worst-case scenario', emergency alert system to be upgraded”

The cover of this report is both beautiful and depressing.

I love the deciduous trees and falling leaves in the Canberra autumn. Not something I usually experience in evergreen Brisbane.

I wanted to download a copy of my tweets before I deleted them all from my Twitter account.

I remember trying out the feature ages ago and it worked as described.

I tried to do it now and I have to provide Government ID? I get attacks against accounts are a thing, but this is too heavy for my situation.

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