“Queensland to adopt new COVID warning system as death toll approaches 2,000”

A traffic light system is how they do it with bush fires. Green, cool. Red, need to do prepare.

Seems pragmatic given the level of fatigue in the population, but people can still die even in a green environment.

Liked the concept, but wasn’t entirely satisfied with the design. Kept tweaking it and ended up with this. Wanted to sell the benefits to the applicant and emphasise the questions they need to answer for their application.

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Here’s a concept I’m working on for the next iteration of Read Blindly: Every dropbox gets a job page that can be shared by the hiring manager.

Right now all a hiring manager can share is the dropbox’s email address. Most job boards (Except SEEK) let you specify a link for the apply button.

When a hiring manager is using Read Blindly for the first time they don’t know what to do with an email address. They end up emailing me to get a copy of my “How to apply” template.

A barrier removed.

Boosts are intentionally short, but you can still be a bit cheeky like this

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I’m sure this is everyone else’s wallpaper at the moment too.

Brisbane, Weather 

Such a flat line between min and max is pretty unusual in

The product was called Tug and it turned every feature branch into a running application on Heroku. This was back in 2013 before Heroku introduced pipelines.

Here’s a low resolution mock up of the home page I made featuring the illustration and logo by the designer. We ran this at the company I worked for at the time.

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My youngest figured out how to build dungeons in Link’s Awakening on Switch. Why not make every room a treasure chest? 😛

“This Australian treat was prolific 20 years ago, then all traces of it disappeared”

This is pretty random, but I think I remember the jingle to this from free-to-air TV as a kid.

🎵 One can, two can

“How to Write Docs People Read”

This perspective really gelled with me so I’ve been trying to practice it. Instead of “Launching Features through the Success Hub” it now reads “How to launch features” and they’re grouped together under “Day-to-day”. I think this is easier to digest and easier to search for.

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