@ash So there is thing where you can team. It’s hated, but it’s very effective. Essentially you keep moving mass between two players to essentially stay alive. The little one goes and scouts, and then the big one shifts all their mass to capture. I have a feeling this server is not the same as the public one. There’s mostly bots here.

@ash Ugh! Yeah, so what I was trying to do there was “clean you up” and then feed the mass back to you again. That way it’s quick to go from lots of little blobs to one big blob.

@ash You know the green things are viruses that explode you, right? :P

@ash This feels like it’s become a private server rather than a public server. It’s population is very sparse. Do you want to try and get into the same public server?

@ash Actually, it’s pretty late. I’m going to head. Thanks for playing though!

@tatey yeah but they also make you bigger right? Anyway I ended up playing for a little bit. There were three humans in there but I ended up LOSING boo. Thanks for hanging out though!

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