“Kagi search and Orion browser enter public beta”

It’s a paid search engine with no ads and no tracking for $10/m. I’ve been in the closed beta for a few months after using DuckDuckGo as my daily driver for years.

Will I stay and pay? I don’t know yet. I’ve noticed “spammy” sites are less likely to get surfaced. I’ve rarely reached for “lenses”, but that’s probably more based on what I’ve been searching for than the feature itself.

@tatey I’m giving it a go, I’m also a years-long DDG user. I like the discussions lens a lot as a supercharged version of the usual I usually do any time I’m looking for product reviews

@alex Nice. I’d be curious to learn what you think.

Yes, typing a product name and searching with a discussions lens for finding reviews works pretty well.

@tatey So far it’s been pretty good! I am sometimes a bit taken aback by the limited number of results, although I understand the reason why they limit them. I think I’ve found what I was looking for quickly enough with most searches

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