I wanted to download a copy of my tweets before I deleted them all from my Twitter account.

I remember trying out the feature ages ago and it worked as described.

I tried to do it now and I have to provide Government ID? I get attacks against accounts are a thing, but this is too heavy for my situation.

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@tatey wait, what?! That's new. I remember you used to be able to press the button and they'd email you a zip file.

@ash Yeah! That's what I was expecting. When you try to do that now it takes you to this form instead. I need to "verify" my account before I can download the archive.

@ash @tatey Wow, that _is_ new, I downloaded my data only a month ago and did not encounter that hurdle.

@futzle @ash 😱

Would you mind helping me? If you still have your Twitter account and go to Settings to download your data, does it work the old way or are you getting prompted to verify too?

@tatey @ash I’ll give it a try next time I’m near a real computer.

@futzle @tatey The plot thickens. This works fine for me, but is that the same thing? It went through password, then email verification, then let me click the button.

@ash @futzle When I click "Download an archive of your data" I get this:

@tatey @ash I gave it a try just now on the web interface on my phone and I wasn’t asked for any more than my phone number and/or email address. Settings > Account > Download an Archive of your data.

@futzle @ash Figured it out! I have never confirmed my email address on Twitter. Confirmed it, and now I can get the code to download the archive.

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