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Hey! This is my 👋

I've lived in most my life. I'm a husband and dad to two kids. I used to play tricks on them, but these days they play tricks on me.

I'm the CTO at The Lookout Way where we make a care management platform for Aged Care and NDIS service providers, workers, and families.

I make my own software too:,, and

I was previously

A bit of Friday night maintenance:

- Update ruby to 3.1.2
- Update nodejs to 18.x
- Update gems to latest versions


Boosts are intentionally short, but you can still be a bit cheeky like this

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Basecamp just brought boosts to Campfires. Wohoo!

Doing a telehealth call that’s actually a video call.

Mario Kart, Kids 

My 4yr old is playing the new Sydney map and he’s referring to “that” famous landmark as the “Shark House” 😆❤️

Lucky for then we have a holiday booked there later this year.

@ash Ugh! Yeah, so what I was trying to do there was “clean you up” and then feed the mass back to you again. That way it’s quick to go from lots of little blobs to one big blob.

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@ash So there is thing where you can team. It’s hated, but it’s very effective. Essentially you keep moving mass between two players to essentially stay alive. The little one goes and scouts, and then the big one shifts all their mass to capture. I have a feeling this server is not the same as the public one. There’s mostly bots here.

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“Gold Coast, Beenleigh rail users face major changes as Brisbane's Cross River Rail network is revealed”

It looks like they’re trying to simplify the lines. Beenleigh and Gold Coast will run via Woollongabba instead of South Brisbane.

@ash Hey, I figured you’ve researched this well. What telco do you use for your mobile phone? I’m currently with Telstra, but considering switching away from them because it’s so $$.

I'm excited for the day I can get back into Linux again tbh.

“‘It's something I've been waiting for for a loong time, and it's finally reality, thanks to the Asahi team,’ Torvalds writes. ‘We've had hardware around running for a long time, but none of it has really been usable as a development platform until now.’”

The Orville S3 

This has taken a more serious turn compared to previous seasons.

It’s been a long time coming, but we can finally link to our API documentation from our home page. I feel like this makes us truly a SaaS product. Proud moment!

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