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I love how @ash's site always comes up first when you search "world map geojson". Such a great resource!

Nord VPN subscription expired so shopping around for a new one, but hang on the Proton VPN free tier might actually be enough for me, sweet

Switching from a queen to a king means a drastic reduction in power. Instead of being able to move any distance in any direction, Charles can only move one square at a time. And he's much more vulnerable to horses.

Time to eat 2 vegan burgers and watch the next Cobra Kai STRIKE FIRST STRIKE HARD NO MERCY 🐍👊

“we can also slow down floodwaters, create more space for tree canopy and cool our neighbourhoods. So rejuvenating and ‘naturalising’ creeks constitutes both global warming mitigation and global warming adaptation.” via

getting a boost juice at brookside

Hmmm @ash is there an issue with sending tweets??

Okay enough of all this *gestures at everything* it’s COBRA KAI TIMEEEEEE YYEOWWW *karate chops the air*

After almost 12 years with my old trusty Acer I thought it finally time for a monitor upgrade. Say hello to my new child. I shall call him “Screeny Boy”.

Anyway here’s our story “Queen Elizabeth II: A legacy like no other” which I have been indirectly involved with updating the old code to work within newer systems. A slight parallel here. It’s an excellent, expansive yarn. Have a read, if you like.

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I don’t have too much to add. I can’t for the life of me find it online, but I have a vivid memory of visiting the National Portrait Gallery in London. Being simply blown away by a piece similar to these they have there of Elizabeth. What a life to lead. What elevations we give.

Love him or hate him, this is worth a look. Minimal site, pretty flawless interactive design (in my humble opinion). What do you think?

Cooking rigatoni tomato pesto for lunch (all vegan of course) yummm!

Good work everyone! I'll be transforming data in an Observable Notebook and compiling Rust code to WebAssembly for bit of an experiment.

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