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Got word from family up north that Grandad passed away yesterday morning, and although I wasn't all that close it's still a bit to process. Anyway, might be quiet for a bit, or maybe not. Peace.

Mind blowing! Finding out these scammers are human traffic victims and get beaten if they don't scam people successfully makes me look at the scams a lot differently. Makes me look at life differently.

Today we are going to the Disney animation studios exhibit at the Queensland Museum and Vada is extremely excited. We are currently getting ready and she keeps saying "Dad, we need to go. Dad, we need to go. Dad, we need to go."

There are 32 episodes in this season of Beverly Hills 90210 we are currently watching! Man they really knew how to pump 'em out back in the 90s didn't they? Netflix take note.

Just finished The Talented Mr Ripley on audiobook. It was excellent (now I wanna watch the movie). 29 books down this year. 23 to go!

The Bing wallpaper from yesterday was pretty amazing. La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. I can't believe I've actually been to this cathedral when I was in Spain almost a decade ago!

I've been wanting to ditch my gas cooktop because it costs SO much to run and it's bad for the planet. I really should make it so.

100 years ago, we thought the universe ended at the edge of the Milky Way. That was it. Then we built bigger and better telescopes and they altered our horizon, time and again.

Now we have this. That's pretty fucking phenomenal. #jwst

extreme eye contact / creepy ai art 

"sad mothman at a kids birthday party"

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extreme eye contact / creepy ai art 

I regret to inform everyone that I got an invite to Midjourney beta which is like that Dall-E AI art generator thing so I'll be posting things like "hyper realistic portrait of jesus as an alien" for a while

Got this bottle of Cab Shiraz the other week for my birthday and it is excellent. 1 step closer to my goal of becoming a true wine dad.

Pro tip used kombucha bottles make excellent water bottles 💦

Making spaghetti. How good are carbs? Am I right

Back on my bullshit cruising around the city in GTA V not doing the missions just listening to the classic rock radio station

Anyone else have a little man who comes and hides all your stuff around the house all the time?? I hate the little man. Where are my earbuds goddamit!

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