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Finished reading this one last night. It was quite dated. But the basic premise was sound. 24 books down. 28 to go!

Anyone else here watch Bluey? So proud that this show is made in none other than Brisbane Australia 😊

Actually enjoying being in the office a bit more these days

Mixed up which email address I used to get an extra sneaky 30 day free trial and they just charged me :( nooooooo

Installed Pi-Hole network level ad blocker again on my Raspberry Pi 400 for fun. Nearly half of all internet queries are for ads and tracking. Wild times!

TLDR if you're in Qld, pls conserve energy tonight 

The ABC has an article too

“The AMEO energy price cap sees energy generators decreasing their supply of energy to the market

“The lack of supply has broader implications for system stability and security of supply for electricity across the eastern market

“Queenslanders are being urged to conserve electricity or face shedding in the states from 5-11pm”

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We just watched 'The Lost City' and it was bloody brilliant!! Sandra Bullock still got it. 5/5 ancient Aztec crowns.

Thought I'd give 'Thor: Ragnarok' a chance last night because it was directed by Taika Waititi. Some parts were OK. I still stand by my long held belief that the only good Marvel movies are Spider-Man & Spider-Man 2 (starring Toby Maguire).

A free vegan supreme pizza for my upcoming birthday. Thanks Pizza Capers!! U da best 😋🍕

Out with Vada at a new park in Chermside

Making a strawberry smoothie for me and Vada. The essence of life!

Finally finished 'Our Flag Means Death' and very happy they've started filming season 2. Best and most unique new show I've seen in ages. Can't wait to one day pack it all in and sail the high seas as a Gentleman Pirate!

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