OK I did it. Gonna take a Twitter break. It's done. It's time.

Today, I'm watching The Matrix on VHS.

Yes, I know it's available on better quality formats. Thing is, VHS is an experience. The Matrix is a product of its time. If you want to *feel* The Matrix, you need to see it on VHS.

@ada @josh yeah i feel like i've been kinda straddling two worlds a bit but i wanna step back from the internet as a whole a little bit. we will see how things go

@tatey This happened to me too LOL I'm switching to Bitwarden

@MaxDamage @ash I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Amy said there was something off about it, but she said that's probably because she'd seen the animated version like a million times as a kid and it was her favourite, whereas I only saw the original a few years ago for the first time.

Why am I getting the most massive Sarah Michelle Gellar vibe from Princess Jasmine?

We are watching the live action Aladdin lol

@onepict Yep I use this feature on the web apps. Still doesn't load up a "Card" for the url though, but oh well.

OK yeah so Mastodon doesn't expand links that are behind a content warning. Good to know!

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@mike @ada Yep just did a few tests. That's the reason. Oh well good to know

@ada I've tried over a few. Could be doesn't expand when behind content warning?? Let's see.

Dammit I swear Mastodon used to expand YouTube links

school shootings, abortion, homophobia, racism, religious fundamentalism, fascism, nazi imagery 

Every few months I watch this YouTube video when I feel frustrated about why people are the way they are and why the world is the way it is and it all starts making sense again.


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