Threw together a little photo collage for my upcoming birthday invites. Really gone through some "phases" over the decades, hey?

Yes I've started reading Solaris again. Yes books I've read multiple times before count towards my 52 books in a year goal. Looking forward to this one!


Animal Justice Party sign spotted in the wild 😁 and just a friendly reminder that in Australia you can't "waste your vote" so if you're looking for a party that doesn't just pretend to care about animal rights & liberation please consider swinging them a preference vote. Simple! 🐨

My adjustable monitor stand suddenly collapsed on my desk today and won't hold my monitor up now. Tightening the weight adjust screw does nothing. Hydraulics seem broken. Anyone know how to fix or???

Thanks for all the audiobook recommendations. I've gone with 'Black Hole Blues and Other Songs from Outer Space' by Janna Levin as it seem EXACTLY like my kinda book. It's amazing so far. All about the discovery of gravitational waves!

Bleak times in General Electric's post-modern capitalist dystopia

So I've been tracking our rewatch over on the bird site for the past few years. May as well bring it over here for the final few eps.

X-Files rewatch time again. 9x06 "Trust No 1"

Scully checks her Hotmail account ( at an internet cafe and sees an email from Mulder ( Unfortunately the NSA is tracking the emails (who could have guessed?) and are trying to kill Mulder.

Just finished "Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI"

This was no "In Cold Blood" but it was a pretty chilling journey back to a string of killings of the Osage Native American peoples after vast reservoirs of oil was found on their land. Really makes you question who the real "savages" were, right?

This was book 18 of 52 this year.

Managed to fix my Crusher Wireless headphones with an old headband, some cable ties, and gaffa tape. Not pretty but at least they stay on my head now.

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