Hearing reports they’re renaming Queensland to Kingsland. Huge if true!

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@phocks I'm glad Victoria hasn't kept changing it's name

@phocks Pretty good since we got to stop storing the Edward/George signage.

@phocks Australia really does suck at naming states, your options are:
* Named after monarchy
* Named after where it is in the continent
* Named because someone claimed it looked like somewhere they visited once (it doesn't)
* Named after the first Dutchman to see the place

Not great options.

@LovesTha @phocks i think it's humans in general.... the UK has like dozens of River Avons, which is essentially just "river river"

@almightyolive @phocks and places with indigenous names are likely to be named after random thing the coloniser was pointing at, not the place. Eg waga waga would have been a flock of crows.

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