Anyway, speaking of globes, here's Vada and a giant Earth at BrisFest yesterday. She had heaps of fun running underneath it!

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@phocks I wanna head down and check em out. Should be really cool at blue hour.

@ash apparently it was the moon the other night! Sad I missed it! 🌝

@phocks OH that makes sense. I thought they had separate planets around West Village, but I've only heard folks talking about one at a time.

@phocks Oh, even more interesting is that they're only available for a short time. It's gonna change to Mars in 2 days time.

@ash @phocks it was the moon, then earth and Tuesday - Saturday it will be mars.

@phocks whoa. What time did you see it? I assume it's only night time?

@garrows this was around 5. I think they're always there!

@phocks would it be bright enough to see during the full day?

@garrows maybe we are talking about different things. This is just like a big giant balloon type thing with an Earth print hanging in the air. They change it to a moon and Mars apparently too!

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