Time to charge my Apple Inc. "magic" mouse and do some wor...... :/ Steve Jobs would be spinning in his grave

@phocks I have a rechargeable Bluetooth mouse that cost less than $15 that charges exactly where you'd expect and is indistinguishable from a wired mouse during the process. AND it's got cycling rainbow LEDs! Take that, Apple!

@mike that's amazing. I wish mine had LED lights!

B-b-but… Razer Lancehead used to cost more than $15 😂

@mike It’s really a daft design, I mean, the rechargeable “Magic” keyboard becomes a wired keyboard & the BT is shut off when the charge cable is connected. I just cannot see why the mouse couldn’t employ the same functionality. I use a Logitech M558 BT mouse that’s designed to last at least a year on a pair of alkaline batteries. @phocks

@phocks I was about to say "It's OK; I got u", except that apparently the mouse doesn't actually *connect* and function over USB (which makes sense given the unusability), so scrap that idea.

I'll stick with my Magic Trackpad and Magic Keyboard, I think.

@mattcen @phocks yeah, I've got Bluetooth headphones you can wear while charging, but they don't work while charging :(

@phocks I laugh every time I see a post about this. It’s just so dumb UX-wise.

@phocks in Job's defense my wife when asked to charge my Logitech MX Pro trackball sent me photos of the bottom asking where the charge port was.

She's never owned a magic mouse.

So it is a natural place to look for a charging port.

@phocks I would be surpised if it was designed by Steve Jobs or Jony Ive.

@phocks ugh, yes. Also the touch surface does accidental zooms and I dislike it.

@phocks They have several accessories from that era with desight that is… questionable to say the least. Look at this battery case for example. This bump at the center looks disgusting!
First version of Magic Mouse was perfect and then this…
I have Apple charger and a set of batteries that still hold the charge. What was wrong with using AA batteries? 🤔

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