Am currently reading "Fermat's last theorem: The story of a riddle that confounded the world's greatest minds for 358 years" and it's fascinating so far.


Finished this. It was great. I'm a sucker for these kinds of maths/science breakthrough history stories. 33 / 52 books this year!

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@phocks I started reading it at your recommendation/review. It's a great read, puts a lot of things in perspective.

@ash glad you're liking it! I thought it was pretty great!

@phocks The problem with me in a good book is that I never get to sleep and I'm tired the next day😆

@phocks nah, just obsessive. Meanwhile, today's XKCD makes a lot more sense now

@ash haha yeah I think it's wild that they just made up imaginary numbers out of thin air just to solve a few things that didn't make sense. Pretty ingenious

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