We just watched Walt Disney's Ralph Breaks the Internet and it was INCREDIBLE, maybe even better than Wreck-It Ralph which we watched the other week. Why did no one tell me they were such good movies? I just assumed they'd be thoroughly mediocre. Wild Saturday am I right?

@phocks never tried the internet, although maybe I should. Went into Wreck-It Ralph thinking I would love it for whatever reason, found it just okay and then didn't bother.

@FromtheAbyss hmm I feel like if you didn't like the first one you probably won't like the second one. I loved both :)

@phocks Still it might be worth a shot. I haven't seen the first one in years and I didn't dislike it. It was just neutral.


@FromtheAbyss Let us know what you think. I think watching it with my daughter helped :)

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@phocks Will do. And I love that, I watched the first one with my dad.

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