Parenthood is just a ponzi scheme to sell copious amounts of strawberries and blueberries

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@rghvdberg It's bad for my wallet, but yes, good for our daughter :)

@phocks I think Big Banana is in on it too. I swear we buy more bananas than any other item. They're all gone, always, in 48 hours. Regardless of whether we buy 6 or 26.

@athairbirb agreed. Vada went through a phase of not liking bananas. We were rich for a few weeks!

@athairbirb @phocks When our 17-year-old was a baby just starting solid food, a cyclone hit North Queensland and the price of bananas went through the roof. (I guess some buildings were destroyed etc, but I’m focussing on secondary consequences here.) I remember not eating bananas myself, but mashing them for our baby, and not minding (much) when precious banana ended up on the floor and smeared on the tray of the high chair.

@athairbirb @phocks And coincidentally we were living in Coffs Harbour, home of the literal Big Banana (although I’m confident that you were riffing off Big Pharma etc).

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