I can't believe I just formatted my 2TB hard drive thinking it was a 2GB USB drive I was trying to make bootable. Luckily I think it was mostly just shows and movies on there which I can replace 🤦

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Although I'm not 100% sure I didn't have some other stuff on there that won't be so easily replaced. Currently running a data recovery scan with 'Recuva' so we will see if that finds anything …

@Aurochs I probably should have taken more care and not just clicked yes on all the warnings so fast. I was like "yes I'm sure I want to format this USB drive stop bugging me" 🙃

@phocks I can see that happening. I tend to get all paranoid and triple and quadruple check that it's the right drive. Not because I am organized but because of fear XD

@phocks If you didn't do much other than format it should find lots of stuff.

@zens @phocks I have actually done this. It was a tense couple of minutes before I remembered I had a Time Machine backup of that disk.

@futzle @zens yeah I think I have most of my important stuff backed up ..... still I'm so annoyed with myself. I'm usually so careful

@phocks this is why I have minor panic attacks setting up drives... the horror! Hopefully there was nothing important.

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