Anyone else have a little man who comes and hides all your stuff around the house all the time?? I hate the little man. Where are my earbuds goddamit!

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@phocks In our house it’s a leprechaun. I keep telling myself that the reward for finding all the lost things is finding that pot of gold he must’ve also hidden in my house…no it’s the only reason we tolerate him, really. 🤪

@ClaudetteK @phocks I feel like we need to help the l’il guy with his business plan?

@rghvdberg @Saket @phocks You know? That sounds plausible. Sound business strategy also. Underwear gnomes, pay attention.

@ClaudetteK @Saket @phocks

1. Collect underpants
2. Make foto and sell as nft
3. Profit

@Saket @ClaudetteK @phocks it's a miracle that with my genius commercial insights I'm still poor af

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