Anyone else’s nearly-four-year-old endeavour to make every single seemingly simple bedtime task the absolute most difficult it could ever be every single night without fail or is it just us? 🙃

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@phocks not just you! recently it's been happening with our nearly-five-year old. seems to go in cycles, like for 2 weeks it's terribly difficult then for 1 it's only moderately difficult. solidarity!

@phocks it is in no way just you.

Approaching six, it's going better, but mostly because I've accepted that a kid with a night owl rhythm will fall asleep at around 22:00-23:00 at midsummer and trying to change that was just making everyone miserable while not working at all.

@phocks Yeah that sounds familiar - except she's six 😭

@phocks It doesn't last forever...then they become teenagers. 😀

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