So after a few weeks on the blink the battery meter on my phone is now completely non-functional and there is just a question mark on the battery icon. Unsure if it's actually charging or not. So either time for an upgrade or else go full flip-phone mode 🤔🤪

Phone didn't die overnight. No idea how much charge is left in it. Kinda scared to charge it in case it overcharges and blows up ...... hmmm

@phocks Oh no! And you're not gonna just lug a powerbank around with you all the time? 😆

@phocks I went for the Samsung Flip3 5G if that helps. Modern _and_ flippy!

@Quokka haha I'm talking 2009 style razor flippy haha

@phocks New Razr coming out soon :D
Looks quite special too.
But yeah, retro feature phones I get though. Gotta watch though - remember 2G is all turned off.

@phocks wow, it just completely broke and doesn’t display anything any more? My phone hasn’t reached that level yet, it just jumps from very full to very empty in a matter of minutes and then stays at 1% for a long time until it randomly runs out of power

@enby_of_the_apocalypse yeah this is all I'm getting :( gonna wait till the battery fully drains to see if that resets it or something

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