@phocks I hope the hexagon map becomes the standard from now on. Far better way of understanding that land doesn’t vote.

@phocks oh I was reading that one this morning, it's very good

@phocks I like that they did get it to look like a map of Australia towards the end. For a while there I was thinking that your average 'Joanne' wasn't going to get it if it was just a pile of hexagons!

@phocks wow that is cool. Is there going to be a live-updating version of this on Saturday night anywhere?

@fortescue :) This one won't be live updating, but we will be releasing another one tomorrow night. Kind of a "what happened" look across all electorates. Check the ABC News site for live updates on the night.

@fortescue @phocks Extremely well done, you should be very proud of your part in this.

@phocks This is really clear and concise and the hexagonal map is so easy to parse. I'm an old codger who has been through more than a few elections and even I had a couple of "a-ha" moments perusing this. Nice.

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