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Hi 👋 my name's Joshua Byrd. I'm one of the admins of this Mastodon 🐘 instance with Ash! Currently I'm a software developer 👨‍💻 and digital storyteller at ABC News in the Story Lab team. I'm married 💒 and have a daughter called Vada and also a little pup named Misty.



I play guitar 🎸 and sing in the Brisbane band Velociraptor. Occasionally I'm an actor 🎭 in various community theatre productions around town. I like writing ✍️ and coding and just generally making things online. I've been vegan 🌱 since the end of 2015 and am interested in animal rights activism along with direct climate action.

I like reading books and watching movies and keeping a lookout for paranormal 🛸 phenomena. Feel free to follow ✨ along.

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