Bleak times in General Electric's post-modern capitalist dystopia

@eeby @phocks Maybe it's the weather, but it looks very European. It reminded me of the somewhat imposing Wolfsburg VW factory, but seeing the photo now maybe not even.

@ash @eeby Similar vibes for sure. Yep it was out in Springfield. Amy had an appointment thingy out there. Such a different feel to the North Side of Brisbane.

@phocks @eeby Nice, I was about to say I've never been, but I HAVE. But I haven't been since I was a cub scout pitching a tent in what was previously never ending bushland 😵 I'm gonna head down and do a vlog there sometime.

@ash Yeah it has the feel of exactly that buildings of deep suburbia that have suddenly sprung up in never ending bushland. I wish I could come back in 1000 years and see it reclaimed by nature! (maybe I will)

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