Searching for a new audiobook to start

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@phocks my favorites have been the martian and into thin air.

@phocks alan cummings’s book is also a delight (not my father’s son). also along those lines: amy poehler’s book (yes please).

@phocks oh! and i’ve heard braiding sweetgrass has a really lovely audio version, though i read it. author is robin wall kimmerer.

@autumn Oooh yeah this looks good. Will check it out

@phocks @autumn yes! Robin is a great storyteller both her writing and when reading. I read it and the immediately listened to it. Braiding Sweetgrass is an excellent book both ways!

@phocks the audiobook versions of Robert Caro’s incredible multi-volume biography of Lyndon Johnson are top notch. Here’s a link to the first volume at Audible.

@space_cadet I think I started this a little while ago. I'm looking more for short nonfiction, but could give it a go! Thanks

@phocks Might I suggest the Rivers of London series by Ben Aaronovitch?

Modern day fantasy set in London. Well paced, and read beautifully by Kobna Holdbrook-Smith.

Or if you don't want a series, Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman (read by Neil Gaiman).

@phocks have you listened to the unabridged audiobooks of Daniel Quinn’s Ishmael-trilogy? If not, highly recommended even though it’s fiction (but not really fiction. Hard to explain, but he chose a fictional setting to convey a non-fictional message).

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