So I've been tracking our rewatch over on the bird site for the past few years. May as well bring it over here for the final few eps.

X-Files rewatch time again. 9x06 "Trust No 1"

Scully checks her Hotmail account ( at an internet cafe and sees an email from Mulder ( Unfortunately the NSA is tracking the emails (who could have guessed?) and are trying to kill Mulder.

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@phocks I just finished watching Grace and Frankie, the modern day Scully and Mulder

@ash I like to stick to the classics. All 90s, all the time.

@phocks You know, you're lucky you said that because I was about to ask you if you wanna borrow my The Secret Life Of Us DVD box set when I'm done with it. The early 2000s vibes are breathtaking

@phocks (It's on Netflix but the compression is mediocre)

@ash loved to watch that show. I think it was on Channel 10

@phocks I remember my sister watching it, but I never did. But when it popped up on Netflix I had to grab the hard copy cause it's quaint and cosy and has some awesome music

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