It would be great to have a little meet up sometime maybe once we get a slightly larger population. Who's in?? Invite your friends, friends!

@phocks I just wanna say, if you're having a fediverse meet you've gotta invite @nicolejensen 😁

@phocks So, the question that springs to mind. Is there a federated meetup equivalent?

@phocks Actually, I just remember, I stumbled across one last week! Or rather, I stumbled across the event in a keyword search I was doing. Now to try and find what they were running!

@phocks Let me know when you've got it running :P

@ada The hard part is finding one that some locals are already on. Will search around for the best one.

@phocks Well, it doesn't have to be. If you want to say to a meetup, you can boost it with a account and say it's being organised from the federated meetup site. Others boost it, and it gets a local following, just like itself is organically growing

@ada Yeah exactly. Worse comes to worst I'll just ask @ash to host a meetup instance hahaha

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