Went out in the back yard this morning and heard one of our neighbours yelling out "Noo oh noo damn it nooo!" at the top of his lungs and my first thought was that maybe he'd just lost everything in the Terra Luna crypto crash down 98% overnight. Hang in there bro whatever it is!

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@phocks most likely explanation that a possum got in and wrecked the place

@PaulMcEwan @ash We have a few living in our backyard. We pop some fruit out for them occasionally. They're cute :)

@phocks @ash My Mum has this over-affection for ringtails but calls brushtails "bully boys". God knows why.

She feeds them fruit in the tree in our backyard every evening.

@PaulMcEwan @phocks Bully boys 😍 cos they're bigger than ringtails i guess. That's sweet.

I had one come in to my bedroom and jump on my bed while I was asleep. I thought it was the cat. It was not :p

He wanted the cats biscuits and then thought the window was a good exit point when I disturbed him

@ada Oh yuuuck haha, on your nice clean dishes too 😆 What a riot

I love scrub turkeys so he got off easy :)

@htan thankfully I'm not down quite that much ... yet

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