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Hi 👋 my name's Joshua Byrd. I'm one of the admins of this Mastodon 🐘 instance with Ash! Currently I'm a software developer 👨‍💻 and digital storyteller at ABC News in the Story Lab team. I'm married 💒 and have a daughter called Vada and also a little pup named Misty.


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I play guitar 🎸 and sing in the Brisbane band Velociraptor. Occasionally I'm an actor 🎭 in various community theatre productions around town. I like writing ✍️ and coding and just generally making things online. I've been vegan 🌱 since the end of 2015 and am interested in animal rights activism along with direct climate action.

I like reading books and watching movies and keeping a lookout for paranormal 🛸 phenomena. Feel free to follow ✨ along.

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Why am I getting the most massive Sarah Michelle Gellar vibe from Princess Jasmine?

We are watching the live action Aladdin lol

OK yeah so Mastodon doesn't expand links that are behind a content warning. Good to know!

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Dammit I swear Mastodon used to expand YouTube links

school shootings, abortion, homophobia, racism, religious fundamentalism, fascism, nazi imagery 

Every few months I watch this YouTube video when I feel frustrated about why people are the way they are and why the world is the way it is and it all starts making sense again.

A few people brought up a good point in reply to this which made me realise there's actually nothing wrong with Twitter's algorithm. It's working exactly as they want it to and is likely fine-tuned to maximise ad revenue from paying content producers ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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UPDATE Uvalde, Texas Shooting 

It turns out my friend's friend's cousin wasn't hospitalized, she was missing and later found to be one of the victims. RIP Eliahana.

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X-Files rewatch 9x07 "John Doe"

Doggett wakes up in Mexico with no memory of how he got there or who he is. You can just tell this episode was written by Vince Gilligan. It's pretty great.

No way Netflix would be in this mess if they hadn't cancelled GLOW they really shot themselves in the foot with that one

I've been itching to go and tonight it's finally stopped raining! Got to the Story Bridge and gave myself lactic acidosis climbing the hill. So I sat down for a bit, turned around and came home again. I rate tonight two stars.

We've been watching Under the Banner of Heaven and all I can say is damn those Mormons are nuts, absolute bonkers

Threw together a little photo collage for my upcoming birthday invites. Really gone through some "phases" over the decades, hey?

There's a lot being said about our new "raised by a single mother in public housing" Prime Minister but as someone who was raised by a single mother in public housing it's actually quite a heartening moment

Finished this one last night. It was right up my alley. Following the developments of a gravity wave detector from initial idea right to actuality. 5/5 colliding black holes.

Book 20 down. 32 to go!

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