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Hi 👋 my name's Joshua Byrd. I'm one of the admins of this Mastodon 🐘 instance with Ash! Currently I'm a software developer 👨‍💻 and digital storyteller at ABC News in the Story Lab team. I'm married 💒 and have a daughter called Vada and also a little pup named Misty.


Finished "The Chaos Machine: The Inside Story of How Social Media Rewired Our Minds and Our World" and absolutely loved it. A journey from the very beginnings of Silicon Valley right up until the Jan 6th insurrection. What a wild ride! (38 / 52 books in 2022)

“To uninformed foreigners, her ascent could look like female empowerment; she poses as a defender of women, even as her party has rolled back women’s rights.”

Cheers for the coffee @geekgirl this D-SOL place does better soy flat whites than Ferny on the Way ☕☕☕

Oh hey @geekgirl got me a ko-fi coffee. Gonna pop up to the other cafe on Ferny Way and give it a go right after morning standup meeting

Possibly unrelated but I also had a random 2 factor auth code SMS this morning for Coinbase indicating someone had my login details. Password changed immediately and yeah I know SMS 2FA is vulnerable to SIM swap attacks (even more so now). Anyway time to ramp up auth security.

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Haven't been an Optus customer in many years but yeah looks like my data was still on their servers. That feels extremely illegal. Here's hoping for a multi billion dollar class action settlement and we all become millionaires and Optus goes out of business. Later sk8erz ✌️

New default avatar for just dropped. Dropped a chip. hahaha.

We also paid good money for a real photographer of the actual moment so I guess I should share. 📸

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Heading out to dinner for fancy vegan Italian food at Nonna's Nightmare in West End. 5 years ago this happened and it's been bliss ever since! 💍💒💕

Hey @ash what was that new simple hosting service you moved to recently? I'm looking in your past toots but can't find it

Raining on Australia's national day of mourning for the Queen. Coincidence? I think not! Cool time for quiet reflection on the absurdity of Empire & Nation States anyway. Enjoy your time off folks!

Vegan burger for lunch. Vegan burger for dinner. Life is good!

Went ingredient-checking on a few old favourites tonight and YES these Arnott's Raspberry Shortcakes are indeed accidentally vegan it seems! Hello childhood nostalgia! 😋

Also, that's definitely Snoke there in the boat right?

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It didn't quite understand the prompt fully but I'm impressed with the result

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Messing around with Stable Diffusion: ... a serene ocean with death stars floating in it and skylarks flying in the sky ...

I can't believe it's t-shirt and shorts weather already

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