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Our (new) phone numbers!
Switzerland (main number):
Phone (CH): +41 (0)22 575-4445
If you're calling us from US, UK, NZ and AU for your convenience use:
Phone (US): +1 719 966-4477
Phone (UK): +44 (0)115 888-2078
Phone (NZ): +64 (0)3 669-0117
Phone (AU): +61 (0)2 8003-4488

We're looking for a Backend Engineer to work with OONI!

You'll work on the data processing pipeline and other components responsible for recording measurements by our global user network. Python or Golang required. torproject.org/about/jobs-back

I have concluded my cloud migration project. It was a test and is now disabled to familiarize myself with the cloud.

Now looking into - starting with generic app. This is work in progress, obviously.


It is indeed the more complicated part to find out, what the actual costs will be and what EC2 and EBS type you need! It seems I'd have to cough up at least $34.26/mo for a1.medium and 500GB storage.

OK, so the migration is done. Both sun.spaceobservatory.su and planets.spaceobservatory.su are up and running on

The real challenge here is to understand the resource needs, resource limits and the billing process, so you can estimate costs. My Free Tier account is already running up charges, so that's kind of surprising...
Thankfully, this is a test migration anyway intended to understand the process.

The Tor 0.3.5 series includes several new features and performance improvements, including client authorization for v3 onion services, cleanups to bootstrap reporting, experimental support for NSS in place of OpenSSL, and more: blog.torproject.org/new-releas

An Indian Company Announced 63,000 Job Openings... 19 Million People Applied https://quitter.im/url/1752389

I seem to finally have managed to configure and run a #Tor node on #FreeBSD. There was one remaining issue with DNS opening too many sessions and causing a time-out. That is fixed now. Yipee! First achieved milestone of 2019!

Continuing this year with configuring S3 file storage and creating DB instances (MySQL and Postgresql). Remote admin with MySQL Workbench and Pgadmin works fine.

He wouldn't happen to be Australian too? 😜

Amazing. How does one get U.S., British, Irish and Canadian citzenship and passports? rt.com/news/448101-whelan-us-u

Finishing off this year by taking first steps on cloud and configured my first web server! ec2-18-216-178-35.us-east-2.co

"The most important goal is to neutralize any social will to change in the population or divert their attention to politically insignificant goals." off-guardian.org/2018/12/28/th

I have two old hashtag#Lenovo notebooks I use for testing. Despite the age, they handle 10 with newest updates quite well. Kali Linux bombed after the most recent upgrade and with running , I can use the notebooks as servers. Of course, performance is not that great, but still good enough in many circumstances.

So bottom line: While for your work desktop or notebook new hardware is recommended, old hardware still has its uses!

Lucky the one who downloaded the documents before the shutdown...

What people keep forgetting is that the Fed and other central banks did provide this extra and cheap funding for banks, so that these can "repair their balance sheets". Problem is, they have done nothing of the sort, they just skimmed off the profits. So one day, you'll have to shut this down and it will be painful. nzherald.co.nz/business/news/a

The spook's mindset: as a threat to security. whoever figures out first "how to hack it, manipulate it or bring it down wins" cryptoverze.com/former-cia-off

I finally got around to migrate my node to the new server. It's now up and running at grcnode.ofehrmedia.com