Went to squat at the gym last night.
Split my pants quite substantially on the fifth rep and called it a night.
Good workout.

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I was able to remember which day I cooked the rice in my fridge (to see if it was still good) by looking at my Fitbit step data and correlating it with how I remember moving on rice cooking day

The older you get the more you realise the wheels on the bus do indeed go round and round.

You can go from having the world's most full bladder, to its most empty is less than a minute & I think that's pretty cool

Having a beer at Wandering Cooks, working on hadcoffee.com and looking at a dog.

I'm sure the 330 bus I boarded turned into a 340 after the fact, but not being able to prove it is driving me mad.

Just trawling Stack Overflow for some sweet knowledge, and look who posted an answer @pori

I'm drinking Kombucha and stretching regularly but haven't been able to do it yet. I will keep logging in though.

Does anyone else try to guess what their 2FA code will be before it arrives? Have you ever gotten it right?

That is my dream.

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take me down to parallax city where the back moves slow and the front moves quickly

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When you keep running your tests without having saved your changes

To me nothing says 'persistence and optimism' like Mac OS updates' 'Try again tonight' offer

One useful lifehack is to mix Gin and tonic water together, then drink it

Just realised I'm a bit tired when I was worried that the cracks in my phone screen would show up in the screenshot I was taking.

A good way to save money is to buy more cafe coffees so you get to the free on your loyalty card more often.

I thoroughly cleaned my leather shoes for the first time in their life and it was very satisfying.

Appart from the fact that being brown shoes, the polishing process felt a lot like smearing 💩 onto them.

The $9000 or so for an iPhone XS XL actually seems like good value compared to $109 for a replacement Magsafe charger

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