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Glen Arrowsmith

What will become of this place once @ashkyd departs ?

TFW you're hiring and someone tells you that there is a bunch of redundancies at their work.

Giving Pokemon Go another shot because crack wasn't addictive enough for me.

I _really_ don't want to adult today

Remembers "Oh yeah I need to message that friend back. Where did he message me..."
*Opens 5+ slacks, twitter, mastodon, messenger, whiskey, etc*

@ashkyd only just realised ii wasn't following you 😱

I'm getting punished for inactivity 😢 :
Your home feed is empty. If you have been inactive for a while, it will be regenerated for you soon.

There are two tickets left for the 2017 CampJS, an awesome opportunity to get away, hack on a project, and learn from the best!

Last day at work. Starting as CTO at FunCaptcha after a short holiday. Very excited.

Lots of choo choos Show more

"Can I have [thing] included in the bug report?"
"Here's a picture of a cat"

Got an instance of Mastodon running on my infra. Looking to get the kinks ironed out, do an audit, then open it up for Brisbane folks to sign up.