Bad news. Our family is in isolation and some of us got covid.
Good news. Portal 1&2 came out on the switch the same day we started iso so I got to play that the last couple of days with my eldest.

Um time to stay off Twitter for a few days. How's my Brisbane peeps doing?

Whoa some folks stole $99m worth of ETH.
What a haul. httpss://

How do electricians do this for a job? Then throw summer into it.

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My gluteus are killing today. Spent a lot of time on the weekend squatting in the ceiling doing electrical work (while it's cool). Much pain. 😭

I lost my stud finder.
I need a stud finder finder stud.

Everyone's yard is uniformly mowed after the rain let up in Brisbane. It's beautiful.

Smishing (SMS Phishing) would be a lot more successful if it the payload was in an unsubscribe link.

I like to confuse the YouTube ML by letting my sons choose videos on my account 😈
Your recommendations will never be positively reinforced!

Parenting tip: show your kids Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog and they'll sing awesome songs around the house.

Sausage acquired. It was burnt. I want another vote.

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Wow this is blowing up. Almost all 5 of you have boosted it.

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Since Mastodon is the elephant app, that makes all other social networks irrelephant.

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