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This Valentine's day, spend time with the ones you love (i.e. your local Brisbane JS peeps).

Social drinks next Wednesday 5:30 at The Fox

๐Ÿ’™ ๐Ÿ’š ๐Ÿ’œ โ™ฅ๏ธ

So, I'm working on a baby naming app. Here I will post short updates, complain about stuff, and ask questions.

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Did up some business cards for the LGBT networking event, pretty happy with how they turned out.

Tuesday v. Wednesday ๐Ÿ˜ณ

(p.s. anyone looking for a second hand gas cooktop and oven?)

First day of renovations today and our builder brought his toddler to the construction site for "working Wednesday".

I think this is good.

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Hugs all round on this day
You are beautiful
You are loved

Wi-fi hygiene is important folks. Just removed the free hotel wi-fi config from the place we stayed for our honeymoon.

It's been more than a decade.

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@ashkyd Have you looked into the new Mastodon release?

Alsoโ€”good job running this thing.

Do you like telling stories and using technology? Here's a fun event you might like:

A fascinating yarn on / and Jason Leopold from a few years ago.

And here's what it looks like:

GET /v1/us/meta 304 - - 124.392 ms
GET /v1/us/meta 304 - - 114.109 ms
GET /v1/us/meta 304 - - 106.007 ms
GET /v1/us/meta 304 - - 135.872 ms
***change to d3***
GET /v1/us/meta 304 - - 63.781 ms
GET /v1/us/meta 304 - - 65.731 ms
GET /v1/us/meta 304 - - 62.238 ms
GET /v1/us/meta 304 - - 59.497 ms

Wondered if I should bother using d3 for some array stuff or just quickly roll my own.

"d3array.extent x 213,914 ops/sec ยฑ0.59% (81 runs sampled)"
"reduce x 2,029 ops/sec ยฑ0.82% (89 runs sampled)"

That's a pretty definitive answer.

Can your phone keep a secret?

How the Government might force technology companies to help your phone betray you.

Okay, enough data for the night, but I'll leave this here for pondering.

Simon was the 42 most popular given name in South Australia between 1944 and 2013.

The most popular, David, was given to about 1.4% of babies.

Guess the percentage for Simon.

@phocks How will I know where to direct my messages now @phocks?

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This seems very cool - a gamebook from 1930?

narrative folks: I have now obtained a new earliest known gamebook/choose your own adventureโ€”it was written by these two women in 1930

Spent too much of the day on this

But hosting was a cinch thanks to (after I remembered it exists).

If you've ever tried to print a Trello board and been unimpressed with the results, this might be for you.