ADSL in our area is down. Telstra (who maintain the equipment) has an estimated resolution date of 2nd June!

While we have Starlink, we use ADSL as our active failover (trees and starlink = outages). Thus I’ve now got a flaky connection.

Mind you, others in the area are still using adsl as their only connection and are stuffed at the moment.

I’m currently down the road, parked where i can get mobile signal, hot-spotting off my phone so vpn works on the laptop.

@david that's just appalling. How do you go about mobile signal at home? 😮

@ash what is this mobile signal at home you speak of?

@david yeah, that haha. I suppose most phone stuff could run over Wi-Fi these days? If you had internet, that is.

@ash yep. Wifi calling is great.

And it’s not like we are lacking internet, starlink is fast and works, but we have trees, so it drops out just enough to make a vpn connection useless without a failover.

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