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David de Groot @david@bne.social

This morning I made a small adjustment to the father's day present for Dad (it now works!), a fuller, and then attempted my first Skeleton Bottle opener.

I need to make some more tooling before attempting this again, and not screw up the hole so much, but it works, and looks kinda interesting. #blacksmith #metalwork

This mornings project was a hardy tool for cutting off hot steel.

I made it out of an old tow ball (K1130 steel iirc) and it fits nicely in the hardy hole of the anvil.

Once again with the much appreciated help of Jonathon on the hand crank blower.

#blacksmith #tools #metalwork

This afternoon, I decided to practice a few techniques on a test piece.

I uncoiled some spring my Brother gave me, cut and straitened it, then wired together and forge-welded both ends (successfully!).

I then heated the middle, and twisted the strands together, then re-heated and untwisted a Β½-ΒΎ turn, resulting in the classic Blacksmith's Basket Twist.

While only a test piece, I could weld it on to a longer implement to use as a light-weight handle. #blacksmith #decorative #weld #metalwork

"Cheese and yogurt were found to protect against death from any cause"


"consumption of a dairy diet of mostly cheese was associated with an 8 percent lower total mortality risk"

I don't even care if this turns out to be rubbish science. This totally validates my diet

Well there we have it. is in progress with a fight for the prime ministership between a millionaire and a potato.

UPDATE: Millionare Malcolm remains PM.

Hey! bne.social is working again :)

Off to the Abbey Medieval Festival tomorrow as a regular punter. First time as an attendee in 12 years rather than a volunteer.

I will likely spend a good portion of the day catching up with people, but will have to remember to actually go to some of the demonstrations and talks, as they're quite fascinating usually.

We have a robot at work. Currently doesn’t do much, but it’ll be turned over to some robotics students to program up at the end of the week.

Consider donating to GetUp for their Save the ABC campaign: getup.to/8dC8CrjzfW

Relented and bought a new Krone punchdown tool off eBay. I'm buggered if I know where my existing one has got to.

This weekend just goes marks the anniversary of Queensland's worst train disaster that occurred on the 5th May 1947 at Camp Mountain about 20mins from my place.

We have photos of various relatives who turned up at the crash to assist with rescuing people, but the State Archive has put together this excellent timeline of events and witness accounts:


Yesterday, after shooting a medieval festival, I got a quick lesson in forging an S-hook from an actual #blacksmith, Wayne.

I did one half, he did the other. Turned out pretty decent (my half is the upper half).

This morning, I forged a hatpin for another friend who is preparing a Victorian Era impression. I even put in a little decorative twist in the middle, and a handy loop in one end.


When I started my career in tech I naively accepted nerd culture, treated it as mostly harmless and did my best to pander to it to fit in, even though I almost lost myself in the process.

20 years on I am still here, grateful to have learnt that being myself is not only ok, but necessary -- through cultivating diverse communities in tech, we can and will do better.


It would appear mastodon.social is down. @gargron

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And finally, the results of the forge firing. A coal rake for the forge made from an old tent peg.

#blacksmith #forge #metalwork

First firing of the now fully operational forge.

I’m using charcoal in this and it is powered by a hand cranked blower.

#blacksmith #forge #fire

Finished the forge tuelle complete with ash dump. The plastic hose connecting the steel pipe and blower is temporary until I come up with a better plan.

Made completely without welding, and fully operational.

#blacksmith #forge #metalwork