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David de Groot @david@bne.social

A very successful day today.

Cleaned up and greased the #blacksmith leg-vice (also known as a post-vice).

Then built a forge, and forged a new spring for the vice.

Installed said spring, and it works as designed !

Very first proper smithing job and it all worked as planned. mastodon.social/media/SRKKjn1c mastodon.social/media/OhKcwjJr mastodon.social/media/UynAF36u mastodon.social/media/vN_dYgNS

🎶 I have a lovely bunch of Bunya Nuts 🎶

Got 2kg of bunya nuts this morning from a local seller for $5/kg !!! Bargain!

I plan to fire the oven later and roast some to have with the chicken roast for dinner.

My write up on how to prepare bunya nuts is here: degroot.id.au/recipes/2014/02/

#food #bushtucker #bunyaNut


I made a family sized pork pie for dinner, made from leftover roast pork, layered with sliced apple in a standing crust coffin.

#baking #food #cena

ow ow ow ooowww that was stupid!

Chopped an habanero, washed hands, 15 mins later, rubbed eyes !


The King Parrots were back again today. I might need to buy some more parrot seed.


Happy New Year !

(well in 1 ¾ hours anyway - not going to stay up til midnight).



For anyone interested in Home Automation, Elgato currently has 20% off on their eBay store on selected Eve products: ebay.com.au/cln/elgato_shop/Ho

Merry Christmas fellow BNE folk. :)

'tis Christmas eve, whence the cooking starts in earnest. Baked some sourdough buttermilk loaves yesterday (one will be used for the Christmas pudding).

Today I do the filling for my Grandma's Dutch veal croquettes.

Ands prepare the pudding.

AND make something for Christmas eve dinner. Hmmm, could do pizzas, with a quick dough rather than the long rise dough.


Today's project completed. Not the prettiest finish (could have painted it, but meh, it's in the pantry).

A sliding can shelf, making it easier to get to some cans, and doubling the storage.

Will hopefully also mean that cans won't end up lost at the back for years.

#woodwork mastodon.social/media/wzDirBXd

After failing to see any of the Geminid Meteor Shower on Wed night due to cloud cover, I went out last night (from 9:30pm to 11pm) and managed to capture five decent meteors!

Alas, having to go to work the next day meant that was as late as I could stay out.

#Photography #Geminid #Meteor #Astrophotohraphy


Watching the geminids, right now!

Well that was a total bust. Seems the Brisbane Effect* happened again.

* Whenever there is an astronomical event that can been seen from Brisbane, the probability of a high degree of cloud cover increases exponentially to the rarity of the event.


If you're planning to watch this, I'd recommend heading out around 10/10:30 as by 1am Brisbane will have cloud cover, which will thicken and persist through the peak (4am).

Geminids meteor shower tonight from 10:30pm through to three-ish am.

Think it's the 4th day of AliExpressmas for me now, and today the postman brought to me, 3 pyrolytic motion sensors.

On the third day of AliExpressmass, the postman brought to me, two rolls of silicone coated wire, and a breadboard. 😃

2nd day of AliExpressmas - 50x Neodymium magnets.