@orta ah! I had heard that it’s hidden away in the SDK (it’s used by some Season 1 games to post scores to leaderboards). Do you plan on sharing some of your TS experiments? I found github.com/TypeScriptToLua/Typ but it wouldn’t transpile to the Lua import/operator syntax additions that the Playdate compiler adds

@orta that’s so cool! Networking is the one addition in really hoping for, for the same reason (must be the curse of viewing most things through the lens of client-side web dev)

@orta I really enjoyed your segment on the svelte doco (thanks for the TS/VSCode tooling which I use daily). Then I noticed the little Playdate on your desk. I should get mine in the coming months (group 2). Are you developing for it too?

@phocks plot twist: the house’s ghosts changed the SSID

@pori this is literally the origin story of Freakazoid

@ash it does have dedicated cranky boy support! Mine is still a ways off yet (at least July), but it’s fun to play with the SDK

@ash I’ve got time for anything Panic puts out 😊

@phocks congrats! It feels like you were always here 🥳

@ash @phocks we only watched the first two, but didn’t give them our full attention. Apparently you need at least 4/5 to decide if you like it

@tatey I’m a bit out of control right now (either combatting or exacerbating jet lag) on 3 morning coffees and 1 in the afternoon

@ash now I remember what I forgot to bring back from Scotland: boxes and boxes of spare RATs that my mum got for free from the NHS

@phocks don’t know how I missed this, but you can now get Impossible burgers at Woolies!

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