My talk from @brisjs describing 6 strategies for levelling up as a Node.js API dev is available here:

Tonight at @brisjs I'll be talking API dev from the perspective of a mostly front-end web dev who jumped into a completely backend Node.js role. Catch it on the livestream if you can't make it in person

BrisJS drinks are on tonight at the JDP headquarters (our awesome sponsor). Keg provided, as well as nibbly bits, see you there!

An excellent evening of talks at @brisjs

Always great to see so many new faces and catch up with the familiar ones too

But now I must write for a bit and try not think about bugs

The council has decided, the lineup is confirmed: join us Monday for Azure functions, async await, MongooseOS & the grand Magikcraft tour of Europe! πŸŽ‰

🚒 Reminder: social drinks at the Ship Inn tomorrow. Are you coming?

Fantastic night starring @joshduck, Tim Marwick & Daniel Mitchell. Thanks for a great one! Vids/slides will go here

I should clarify; two super-mega-ultra-early-bird tickets left. There will be more, but you'll have to pay proportionately ;)

There are two tickets left for the 2017 CampJS, an awesome opportunity to get away, hack on a project, and learn from the best!

Fun Thursday :

Since 2010 we've had over 85 different speakers present at our events.

@korynunn is the most prolific, having given 15 talks dating back to 2012. @garrows comes a close second at 11.

It's been an awesome 7 years so far, thanks to everyone who's helped make this community such a success!

Don't forget, BrisJS drinks are on tomorrow, 5:30 at Platform Bar. 🍻

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