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It's possible that this server is getting DDoSed right now so if it becomes inaccessible for some time you know why

@phocks Possibly a coincidence/broken instance weirdness. I have now added them.

@phocks This is the exact reason I was logging in there, but I didn't get that far.

@tatey Always look on the bright side of life.

Also I deleted my ssh key by accident so now I need to reset all my servers 🀬

Something has gone fucky in the preferences panel, and my first thought is whether we've been hacked. I don't really know how to proceed with that.

@AnnaGerber Shocking oversight of the content strategy πŸ˜…

My latest video taking a trip through Denmark and Sweden :D

@RogueHound Haha that's not my intention, but thanks for watching,. Things have pretty much calmed down now, so things are good :D

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Here is another video that took too long to make and I hope you enjoy: My day trip to Sintra, Portugal on the cheap

@TechnicalKO True! I still feel bad about it though πŸ˜…

@TechnicalKO Nah, haven't lost anything, was able to update the database. It was just stuck in a halfway state and couldn't run.

Root cause analysis:
1. I (don't remember, but assume that I) started an upgrade, but got distracted
2. the newly built containers sat there not bothering anyone
3. I was messing around with Docker and caused 'em to replace the existing ones without realising
4. the database wasn't migrated so the new containers didn't work
5. everything was broken and I didn't know how to fix it, had analysis paralysis and eventually gave up

Sooooo not great.

Hello everyone., I'm sorry for being a bad sysadmin. If you would like to request an export of your data to shift somewhere a bit more reliable you can do it at - I'm not going to blame you πŸ₯΄

@AnnaGerber Is posting on Mastodon a plot point or…?

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