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Ash Kyd @ashkyd

Where were you at midnight year 2000? Do you remember what you were you doing? Did you exist?

@ashkyd I remember, but can't write it on a public channel ;-)

@david @ashkyd was at a warehouse rave in Reading/SE England (was part of the crew organising it , UK statute of limitations hopefully means its OK to admit to this nearly 18 years later).

I did dial 123 (speaking clock) on my mobile (it was a free call then!) just to see what might happen (there was all the concerns over millenium bug). There was a very *slight* glitch in the GSM timing (audible as a "metallic echo" type sound) but was all that happened tech-wise as the century changed)

@ashkyd @djsundog Oh heck, I think I was logging into things to make sure they were still running

2017 me would’ve said “don’t bother, it’ll be fine” but 1999 me was pretty green yet

@ashkyd I was at work, monitoring silent phone lines and playing video games with coworkers, pulling 24 hours of y2k support coverage for our customers and users of our software services

@ashkyd 2000. I'd have been... 15? Probably watching out the window with my mom to see the fireworks.

@ashkyd i was 5, so probably in bed :) i was at my grandma's house with my cousins, parents, cousins's parents, grandma, and a couple great aunts. my parents did the common parent thing of doing the new years countdown and sending us to bed at like 9:00pm. if i remember right, we played games, decorated masks and party hats, and ran around with noisemakers at "new years." the adults were slightly concerned about Y2K but didn't show it to us kids. neat thread :)

@ashkyd watchin the news to see if chaos struck cuz i was 17

@ashkyd I was in a industrigoth nightclub with my laptop, dialling into work (a small dialup ISP) to make sure the DOS RADIUS authentication server was still working.

@faulteh wow, loving that technology 👌

@ashkyd I was in a tent, camped beside Wivenhoe dam, getting some sleep after a day of sailing catamarans, swimming and playing cricket with friends

@ashkyd working, making sure a bunch of stuff didn't fail

@ashkyd Partying like it was 1999 on a houseboat on Lake Shasta with 20 other people, far from any computers.

Except for the mp3 jukebox I made out of an old Pentium.

@ashkyd I was so disappointed when civilisation survived the y2k bug that I realised I really needed to change my life.