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Ok, so I came onto #mastodon to hang out with other photographers, and the search for a suitable #photog instance is insane crazy hard.
Anyone who knows a good #photography instance, please put me in the picture #geddit πŸ˜‚

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Can I get a booster toot for Janet in her booster seat?

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Any suggestions for an Android app for Mastodon?

The offline song recognition on the Pixel 2 is pretty epic. It's picked up a tune playing in the next room over the sound of the TV, a running shower, and some emphatic shower singing.

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Reading about , I found this on the makeup of modern passenger airplanes

Oops, accidentally backed up my video over 4g and burnt 10 GB of data in a night. Thankfully wasn't too much.

Outlook is blocking the email provider we use on and won't fix it. If you use Outlook dot com, Hotmail et al it's a good idea to change to an alternative email.

Can I be trusted as a sysadmin? Probs not. But at least it's through neglect rather than malice πŸ˜…

Two things:
1. sorry, I let the letsencrypt cert expire which ruined everything.
2. I've opened up registrations again since there's another Twitter exodus going on and y'know, see whether the spam comes back.

Played a bunch of Google Assistant games with @AnnaGerber this evening and they were all preeeetty average.

I bought a Google Home and it's okay.

@drzax how's your home timeline btw?

β€œRankins on the Mall is closing today after 36 yrs in Brisbane's Queen St Mall. The building will be demolished and replaced with a fountain. ” -

I wanted a slice of chicken to go with my paracetamol but the sauce bottle was blocked so I squeezed out in sink explosively and spattered bbq chili in my eye.

OH : "4 year olds have no problems but I'm not teaching a bunch of dudes."

Had a weird dream that I bought a Google Home and subsequently felt really uncomfortable and dirty about it.

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As I walked back across the Kurilpa to my car at QPAC after the stargazing world record event tonight, I passed the William Jolly lit up like the fighting dragon nebula, a group of people partying along with a jazzy live band covering Daft Punk outside GOMA, and many runners on the boardwalk next to the mangroves participating in the Darkness to Daylight challenge to raise money for domestic violence prevention. Sometimes this little town feels very lively