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Ash Kyd

on a bus back to the city after the React Meetup feat. @AnnaGerber 🔧

Wasn't intending to drink tonight but did, then walked 5 km home.

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@ashkyd Ha ha. Thank node talk went right over my head. Seriously jibberish but I wasn't the intended audience. The Ruby on raspberry pi was motivational and Anwesha's work flow tools and approaches were thought provoking. I particularly like her ice cream for brekky hack :)

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Something that annoys me about Twitter/masto clients - the fav and boost icons are way too easy to hit accidentally while scrolling through the timeline. I'm always discovering random things I've done that to

Today was so humid and gross, the first thing I did when I got home tonight was shower.

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I can't believe this week it will have been 5 years since the first CampJS!

It sounded like a cool idea so I went along even though I didn't know anyone. It was, of course, amazing.

The next month I attended my first @brisjs meetup, where I gave a lightning talk:

Since then I have got to know many excellent people from the JS community and my life has been vastly better for it.

The next CampJS is in August!

Pretty keen for the weekend. This week has been loooooong

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This Valentine's day, spend time with the ones you love (i.e. your local Brisbane JS peeps).

Social drinks next Wednesday 5:30 at The Fox

💙 💚 💜 ♥️

I'm glad the Brisbane lights bot had started working again, but I should really look into why.

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My talk from @brisjs describing 6 strategies for levelling up as a Node.js API dev is available here:

Just renewed It's been a year (almost) already.

Global Diversity CFP Day was awesome, taught me a lot about running a workshop, I'm super stoked with everyone who showed up.

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Do the Dutch Reach!

"Dutch motorists, and even children, are taught to do this in cars. What a difference it can make when simply acknowledging that cars and bicycles are not equal, that ccommodations must be made for safety."

Hm, the sushi place has no gluten free options. Except sashimi which is not really a meetup-friendly food. Not sure what to do with that.

Sat on my butt all afternoon and watched garbage TV, now I'm up at half past midnight doing the work I actually should have been doing 🙄

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Today I've resolved to do nothing. I need this right now.

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