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“For years, companies around the world have tried to harness the power of the ocean, with varying degrees of success.”

The wave power generator experts say ‘proves ocean energy can work’ is already powering homes in

Oh, it's not actually a holiday, it's just a slow start to the Monday 😆

Apparently 's getting into air purifiers. I was looking for a little table to put the robot vacuum underneath so I can put a plant on top, and found this.

They have a few different models, but this one is a FURNITURE ^_^

A little bit of Sunday excitement. Everything seems to have turned out alright

Some pieces The Algorithm has prepared for me recently. They do say it knows before you do?

Today's opinion is Typescript in modern Javascript is indistinguishable from Brainfuck. I'm trying to fix broken types in someone else's nested arrow HOCs and I'm about to walk into the sea.

It's weird. I've been home two years now. I keep thinking of it as the bad thing that happened last year, but time goes by I suppose.

Anyway, this thought brought to you by my reusable dishcloth disintegrating (“after a year, I can't believe it! Oh actually it's been two that's not so bad”)

I'm always a little bit annoyed when I take a covid test and it's negative, cos what a waste of a perfectly good test 😆

Rex Airlines announces plan to retrofit existing Australian fleet with electric-propulsion engines in regional trial.

“‘One [benefit] being the potential for lower airfares,’ Mr Sharp said.

“It means that routes that are marginal routes — it'll make those routes viable for the long-term.”

Got a sweet new magnetic watch band that doubles as an epilator.

Northern entrance to the cross River trail tunnel is coming up here

Intel Mac is kind nice in winter, keeping my toasty warm as I work on my balcony ^_^

West End Markets at Davies Park. The place that does breakfast roti isn't here, so I'm getting a pad thai instead.

I don't really have a story for this other than that it's a favourite I picked up recently and this track is a banger. Bit of dance punk to start a friday. Chk Chk Chk - Shake the Shudder

I found two things. A nice sunset from the Kangaroo Point Cliffs, and a box of choccy bikkies from Aldi. I think that's alright.

I'm in such a malaise, I don't know what to do with myself after work each night. I think I'm going to put in some earplugs and walk until my feet are tired, then ride a scooter home. Maybe I will find myself on the way.

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