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(leaving the movie theater) i'm very glad the train did not actually come through the wall and hit us. but the fact i thought it could have has frightening implications about our society

Tried to do the night noodle market but it was swarming with bodies and we aborted and bounced around places lost and hangry before dining at my faaavourite Indian place

So far this morning I have sat here listening to complete silence for twenty-four minutes and four seconds because my headphones didn't pair and I got distracted.

Stupid thought running through my head all day when I hear someone pronouncing AEMO as a word: “it's AN emo”

Why is it that stretching after a workout feels life changingly good but stretching any other time feels like pain, neural pain forever.

Savage Garden was my first concert, at the Entertainment Centre. Went with my sister and her kids. So cool! 😆

Anyway I picked this album up second hand and it's amazing how much it sounds to me like the 80s even though it's from '97. What a blast down memory lane.

I wonder if you had to put together a soundtrack to Brisbane, what would it sound like?

Hey so. If you're an artist, or you know an artist who might be interested, I'm working on a thing to make commissions easier, safer, and just generally nicer. It would be really helpful at the stage I'm in to have some artists to show what I have to and get early feedback. RT+

That said, do pay ur artists. Toss a coin to your twitcher.

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One of my favourite little things of recent times is ripping a handful of bootleg Twitch streams from DJs I like and putting them on CD so I can just pop one in and there's ten hours of perfectly mixed rotary-optical tunes to chill/work to. It's tactile, it's offline, it's just a nice vaguely experience

Trying to speedrun the company bureaucracy to get a change out in time for a deadline. It's not going well, timeline.

coincoin. each coincoin is worth 2 coincoins

Unsure if hungry, thirsty, or caffeine. Good morning.

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