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The Vengabus will arrive in approximately two minutes. Please stand behind the yellow safety line.

One thing I've found that really helps me write out alt text for images is to do it like I'm a novelist narrating a scene. I've started to have a lot of fun with it.

The @aussocialadmin suggested I write an #introduction post so why not he says.

I'm Peter from #Brisbane where The Cat runs the household. A pretty wide range of interests and always keen to learn new stuff.

A life long #doctorwho fan, I love most things #scifi but firmly in the #startrek camp when it comes to Star Trek Vs Star Wars.

Probably have too many subscriptions to streaming channels but have a goal of a minimum 26 books a year to make sure I'm not always staring at a screen.

Other things I find interesting are a good #podcast #food #sustainability #film #wine (love a good pinot noir), hunting down a great gin and cocktail, and '80s music.

I tell people the main reason I go to work is so I can go on holidays as I love to #travel

Yet another rainy day in Brisbane means I'm alternating between being pinned under a cat while trying to read, drinking cups of tea and taking some time to get my digital life in order.

I thought I might spend some time on Mastodon after all the encouragement from @ash

explanation of the joke if ya don't get it 

The name “Bluetooth” comes from Harald ‘Bluetooth’ Gormsson, a Danish king and Norseman [i think, don't fact check me]. Anyway the Bluetooth logo is a mashup of Norse runes so that's basically the joke 👍

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It’s been raining since February, truly.

Truly it has been an exhausting nine years and I don't want to talk about it. What I DO want to talk about is the democracy sausage at the polling place 🥰

My friend Ryan arrived and we stuck around at The Wick for a few drinks which turned into a bottle of wine back at my place. For a person who “doesn't drink” I have a low grade hangover this morning. Coffee is brewing now.

With this amount of rain we're gonna need a democracy sub

Crap, my headphones aren't working! They're runed!

My favourite swipe typo of the day: "Norse cancelling headphones". Presumably that means Bluetooth is turned off.

Working from iconic gay bar/pub, The Wickham. It's a bit wet, but I'm undercover. This has become my favourite Friday tradition

It is 100% free to hit that boost button on any article I post ;)

Since Mastodon is the elephant app, that makes all other social networks irrelephant.

City Council pauses bridge, park and bikeway projects in face of $656m flood bill

Half the bill will be funded by state and federal disaster relief funding, but Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner says the council must tighten its belt to cover the rest.

I'm a maker without a , and it's been that way since it all began.

But no more! My DJI Mini 3 just shipped and I'm very excitement ^_^

Commit to posting mostly or only positive things on your favored social media site for a while.

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