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poetry is when
you add line

and the more lines you
the more
it is

Hello! I came here via a post on @phocks’s Facebook and am happy to see a few friends here. I am a journalist and mum to two wonderful boys. Live in New Farm and work in South Brisbane. Hoping to make some new connections! πŸ‘‹

Message in the group chat: β€œDoes anyone feel like a The Montague dinner tonight? I know it's wet, but I've been inside ALL day and wanna get oot”

🌐 The federated timeline is a firehose view of the Mastodon network. But it only includes people that other folks on your instance are subscribed to, so it's not complete

Similarly if you find a profile from another server that seems blank, it could be because nobody's followed them yet. You can click β€œbrowse more on the original profile” to see more.

Auspol, HTV, Climate Change 

Obviously I’ll always advocate for my self, but please, on the senate ticket number all of these parties before Labor (if you choose to vote Labor) in the order you think is best. Action on climate change can’t wait. For more info on your local seat or if your in a different state check #auspol

Going through old photos, this was Brisbane pride before the spicy times of covid.

Okay, I ought to do an

I'm a in (HEW, not academic) mostly involved in data management and as a at a university.

I'm in BNE but moved back from MEL to live with and look after my elderly parents as I reckon it's better for people to age-in-place.

My main interest in life is (listen, not create) and the genres and types of music I enjoy are very broad and varying. The genre I most appreciate is music.

Actually we owe Misty an apology because the previously blocked up cat flap on the house had been pried open by a little visitor and it looks like a possum or something was trying to get at Misty's food bowl. Sorry Misty and good girl for guarding the house!

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Creek still high this morning, with wildly varying predictions on rain levels today, so I'm calling it a WfH day today. Being stuck on the wrong side of the creek is not something I want to be doing.

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#auspol curiosity 

I know parties get funding based on the number of votes, but does anyone have a simple explanation of how? I thought it was based on primary votes, but do preferences also play a part?

hiii, here's my post.

I'm Cathy and I'm a documentary with a focus in . I do a lot of photography and these days. I have a dog, her name is Abbi, she's 6, and I would die for her. We lived in my car for 6 months traveling QLD. I'm a human and generally just a dork. I'll be posting photography stuff along with random thoughts that pop into my head, updates about Abbi, and other equally mundane topics. πŸ€ πŸ€™

I remember in high school people used to have apps that let them IM using rainbow text. You could use standard rainbow, or pick your colours to cycle through. What a blast from the past

Apropos of nothing, here is a photo I took many years ago in #HerveyBay. I went #WhaleWatching, and this was one of the first captures of the day, and is easily one of the best photos I've ever managed to capture.

#photography #whale #HumpBackWhale #Australia

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