@ada I don't know, that seems pretty normal? Someone asked in an icebreaker at work β€œwhat's your fav movie” and most of us were all ”idk, that's not a thing I have” πŸ˜…

@tatey I think it largely worked as expected. Nothing really to comment about.

@tatey not I. We used letsdeel.com/ when I was international/remote. It frequently paid me *after* cutoff time on the Friday before a (long) weekend which was a total PITA. But it dealt with the international contract stuff which was nice.

Niche reference? I dunno 

@brad Ah I see where you're going with that πŸ˜…

Tonight's is all updating stuff. Renamed everything for consistency, updated Storybook, Parcel and Preact to latest.

So at the end of the day ash.ms/ looks exactly the same as before, but now builds on Node 16 and is less likely to fall apart in a disagreeable breeze.

Really enjoying Nova though. I think I'm gonna keep it for personal stuff. VSCode bums me out.

Niche reference? I dunno 

@brad haha not familiar. I found the source video, I'll have to give it a watch.

The importance of capitalising your hashtags: not only does it help screen readers understand them, but humans as well.

I just saw and thought it was about welding. See also

@colingourlay I have to admit when I clicked through to their site and saw the Playdate there I was like... should I? πŸ˜… I can't wait to see what you do with yours

@colingourlay Yeah of course. Does it have support for the Cranky Boy? Has yours arrived yet?

@gsora Why not! I'm coming in with pretty low expectations and it's meeting/exceeding them. I'm interested to hear how you go, if you do :)

This is quite nice. Click the button to open a new document/terminal/file browser/preview in a new tab.

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