@peterw That's really cool. Whereabouts is it? In the east somewhere?

@tatey The fact that they had all that data just laying around is wild, let alone on an Internet-facing API.

@maize I don't even know what happened, but one of the cumulative updates wouldn't install on my personal desktop. I don't use it often so I'll try again later 😆

@molly0xfff Wow, I never knew the “XY problem” had a name, that's totally spot on. Thx for putting the talk together :)

Just published the recording of a guest lecture I gave at the University of Texas at Austin earlier this week on "Blockchain Solutionism"


@david the big hand, the little hand, and the hand holding the camera.

The government says the 500MW Tarong West Wind Farm will be built by the state's energy corporation Stanwell. It will be operational by 2026


Track work on the Brisbane-Sydney line, so I'll miss half of our team catch-up. But travel is booked, I'll be there Tues 11th October til Friday.

Good morning fediverse, and happy Monday to those who celebrate.

@inkscape I have been using the % key nonstop since discovering it :D

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