New ! We tried to go Friday when it was ridonkulously busy. But I was determined to make it work! So exactly how busy were the Night Noodle Markets, 's annual Asian street food fair spectacular extravaganza? 🍜

After a bunch of false starts, I've been busy editing up my next at the night noodle markets. It's not much but it's actually come together, and I'm super happy with it. Will probably press publish tomorrow.

I'm a maker without a , and it's been that way since it all began.

But no more! My DJI Mini 3 just shipped and I'm very excitement ^_^

iPhone #filmmaking 

I bought the iPhone 12 Pro Max last year to on, but it turned out to be excruciatingly bad in anything less than direct sunlight

Only the main rear camera is any good imo. So I returned it.

But I just revisited the vlog I put together and I really like the content, even if it looks like a garbage bin

So I downscaled the entire thing to SD, added some film grain and scaled it back up to 4k: it's a bit softer, more cosy, and smooths out the rough edges. I kinda like it 🤷

Two things that I will never not notice now I've been / for a while:

1. warp stabilisation gone wrong 🥴 - a shaky shot is almost always better than a picture that looks like jelly
2. frame rate mismatch between that beautiful panoramic drone footage and the main timeline ⛰️ Sync those up by recording in the same frame rate, or adjusting the speed of your footage to match

An : I'm a dev from Brisbane, Australia. I run for Brissie folks & friends, join us!

📹 I loove / / editing. Check out my Youtube at Send me yours!

🚵 Also interested in , , & my CD collection (what's your fav album?)

Otherwise I love this part of the world & you'll probably find a lot of photos of moments I find beautiful around here. PS: 💯 gay 🌈 🦄

So, I found out later that my great great grandfather (grandma's father's father) travelled to Gympie to mine gold. We probably crossed paths somewhere through time. Wild.

If you haven't seen it, here's my low budget train adventure to Gympie:

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