It looks like it's going to rain from Friday through till Wednesday. Not so much a fan of the la niña winter.

City Hall will be lit up rainbow tonight for the Queens' Ball if any photographers want to get some photons in

New ! We tried to go Friday when it was ridonkulously busy. But I was determined to make it work! So exactly how busy were the Night Noodle Markets, 's annual Asian street food fair spectacular extravaganza? 🍜

The queue at the Night Noodle Markets is absurd, and there's a queue for each vendor once you're inside. I'm not sure who this is for, but I didn't really enjoy it. Did anyone else go? (CW flashing images)

Savage Garden was my first concert, at the Entertainment Centre. Went with my sister and her kids. So cool! 😆

Anyway I picked this album up second hand and it's amazing how much it sounds to me like the 80s even though it's from '97. What a blast down memory lane.

I remarked to a friend recently that after the floods there's a brand new beach washed up on the waterfront outside GOMA.

A few photos of the sky fire on my bike ride home. For all the flaws we do live in a real beautiful place 😌

DAMAGING WINDS with peak gusts in excess of 90 km/h may reach the Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast areas during Tuesday morning, particularly on and east of elevated terrain.

Saturated soils in southeastern Queensland are bringing an increased risk of gusty winds toppling trees and powerlines.

It's still wet, but I think I'm gonna put on my big boy pants and head out to see Botanica, a bunch of art installations through the Botanic Gardens. I don't know if any other folks are planning to go, but it runs through 'til Sunday

With this amount of rain we're gonna need a democracy sub

Working from iconic gay bar/pub, The Wickham. It's a bit wet, but I'm undercover. This has become my favourite Friday tradition

City Council pauses bridge, park and bikeway projects in face of $656m flood bill

Half the bill will be funded by state and federal disaster relief funding, but Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner says the council must tighten its belt to cover the rest.

Bike ride tonight took me around the usualish route, across the Story Bridge and back through the city.

Filthy, filthy mess after the rain and alluvium, had to hose the bike and take a shower with my clothes on hahaaaaaa, but it was good fun


The rain has lifted. I'm here to escort mum to the footy. Highest per capita covid rate in the world but you wouldn't know it 😷

“did I just see lightning or am I having a stroke of some kind?”
*a good ten seconds of thunder rumbles through*

Mystery solved, the baby ferries are running from West End to St Lucia while the network is still flood damaged.

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Brisbane news/Citylink Cycleway 

“Brisbane cyclists and e-scooter riders can continue to use three separated lanes in the CBD as the council assesses whether a 12-month trial period was successful enough to keep the infrastructure or rip it up.” 🥴

The KittyCat (mini CityCat) looks lost. Much further up the River than it ought to be.

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